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Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Morning Routine

1. Wake up. If necessary, do leg lifts (which make blood flow to the brain!) and a 5-minute meditation to get moving.

2. Use the bathroom.

3. Defrost/marinate any meat needed for dinner.

4. Make and eat breakfast; take supplements.

5. Wash dishes; shine sink.

6. Make bed.

7. Saturdays: 15 minutes of zone cleaning.
Sundays: 1 hour weekly cleaning.

8. Shower, wash hair (when needed), brush/floss teeth, brush hair.

9. Dress to shoes; open blinds; trash out.

10. Weekdays: Go to work.
Saturdays: Get gas (clean car boogie at the gas station) and Sunday paper; check coupons.
Sundays: Finish reading Sunday paper, then walk or go out and do something.

Okay, I know I'm not doing things exactly as FlyLady recommends. But the point is to make it work for me, to live life on my terms. And I don't like making my bed before I eat, and I don't like eating breakfast fully dressed, and I want to shower after I do my cleaning, because I'm very overweight and even a little activity makes me work up a sweat. And I'm just not going to wear shoes around the house, so I don't put them on until I'm ready to go out. Let's just say being fully dressed first thing in the morning is a goal, and not that high a priority, either. It IS a goal, and I am working towards it. For now, these are the best things I can do for my morning routine.


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